With Knowledge, We Serve

Well hello people! Ok macam lah ada orang yang baca ini semua kemerepekkan. Dah hampir setahun gua tak mengetype see how awkward am i and how bad is my bahasa melayu hm. Err this is just an overall update from me as everyone knows i am such a lazy ass. Hey i'm now a so-called-university-student at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Alhamdulillah last year which is year 2012 is really a great year for me. I met awesome gila nk mati punya orang and i love them so much!

Being a foundation student at upm is actually one of the best thing that happened in my life. Bukan nak mengampu pengarah asasi ke apa tapi serious gua cakap. I mean like in sabda gua mcm suka memberontak sebab tak suka duduk jauh dgn my parents. And just so you know that UPM is only 10 minutes from my house. Hehe manja nak mati gua ni sebenarnya.

Asasi UPM ni sama saja mcm asasi dekat university yang lain but the difference is we've got an extra subject called Agriculture. But still ada science subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Ah gua sudah bosan sama sains. At first people thought this is all about pertanian. So this is how asasi upm dipanggil Asasi Sains Pertanian. Syok gila belajar kat sini eventhough everyday kena tunggu bas and sometimes memang mencari penyepak dengan driver bus tapi gua tetap pasrah dan redha. Alhamdulillah dah berubah 186 degrees duduk kat upm.

My result is not that good compared to others yang bijak nak mati tapi gua dah buat yang terbaik. Tak dapat ambik medic gua tak kisah janji ada usaha nk ke arah medic and NO i don't want to be a doctor walaupun kononnya masa kecik suka sangat taruk 'Doktor' as cita-cita. Itu fikiran gua masa tak matang lagi.

I think i've had enough with my babble. Bye Assalamualaikum!


So much to blog about but so little time, Ceh actually i have no mood to blog. I spend my days on tumblr. I had great times with hot guys, on my tumblr. Sad life. Hm how i wish i had a boyfriend who looks like Diego! Omg i really can't stand it. He's like the most handsome guy i've ever seen! I can talk about him all day with Nadia but she's so busy with her jack harrer and *music please* He's gay! Okay enough with them let's talk about something else.

My old schoolmate, Yuzaimi is married now! She's eighteen and now i feel old. I almost cried tsk tsk. Sensitip pulak aku. Met my old friends from SKBJ and SMKBJ. It's been years! I love them so much they're so pretty! Even prettier than me :( Hahaha. Here the photos of us. The next day went to PWTC with my gayfriends. Dah bosan sangat so we went to the shoes fest, here we saw a guy walking alone yang sumpah macam mario maurer. Nothing much we did there, then to the Times Square. Stupid Sunday omg we were like idiots seriously. No karaoke, bowling, movie and the worst part is Nadia lost her phone! Dafuq weh. Anyway they're the best pole dancers eva you guys should see they dance like crazy shits.

I'm getting my own car soon! Can't wait to spend time with them again! :*


Guys, i am doing fine here at home. I've been neglecting this, but it's alright because i'm back! I know that no one gives a shit anyway. Hmm. My life after SPM is so not cool. Well, i spend too much time on the internet at home. 

Alhamdulillah for my SPM results. I'm so sorry ibu and abah for not getting straight A's this time. I know i didn't make my parents proud of me with this type of result. People around me were expecting straight A's from me like in my UPSR and PMR, but i did try my best for SPM. Ini saja yang saya mampu. Ampuni saya pak.

(A+) Bahasa Melayu
(A)   Bahasa Inggeris, Sejarah, Agama Islam,
(A-) Mathematics 
(B+) Biology
(B)   Physics, Chemistry, Addmaths

So yeay me, no C! Only A and B. Not bad (Obama style). It's not like the end of the world right? Surprisingly i got B for Addmaths and B+ for Biology which i thought these two subjects will give me two Cs. And sadly to see B for physics. I'm proud to be a Sabdarians. 46 out of 157 students of form 5 year 2011 got straight A's. 6 students got straight A+. I love United Soul foghever. We are in Top 25 school in Malaysia. Wohoooo! Thanks to my family, friends and teachers. Everyone! *hugs*

I'm not done with UPU yet. I was thinking to take Diploma in Pharmacy. But it will take me like 7 years. So instead of it i'll choose Foundation in Science or Matriculation Programme. I hope i'll get foundation in science at UPM. But they don't offer degree in Pharmacy. Hmm. Anything would be okay for me actually i don't really care what course am i going to take. It's actually about my parents, i just want to make them proud of me. And it's not only about my education, i want to excel in both dunia akhirat.  That's all :) I keep this as a lesson for me. I'll surely do better next time. Insyaallah. 

Oh i passed my JPJ test yesterday! Alhamdulillah i am now halal to drive on the road. Hehe. And i'm waiting for my own car. Soon! Where are you my baby? Come to mama! 

I babble too much. That's it. Salam. 


Wow! Cant help myself i just cant believe i'm writing this. Okay it's been ages as always. call me a sluggish, cause i am. 

I'm updating this because someone ask me to make this alive since it's almost dead. Okay where to start? Hmmm oh i'm taking my driving class now. I already passed my QTI (Pre driving test) so my JPJ test will be on next week. My past driving classes went very well, my trainer is very funny! and i cant wait to have my own car as soon as i got my P!

My life's been quite good for me, i rarely went out but still enjoyed myself at home. I do miss school sometime, i miss my friends -_____- I am jobless because my parents didnt allow me to. It's okay, i was working on my sim since spm ended but not anymore in these past few weeks. 9gaging all the time.

I went to Universal Studio Singapore! Omg. the best place to have fun and the best place to line up waiting for our turn. Hehe. A lot of people and i saw so too many handsome guys. Aummm. Lol. Undeniably the Transformer ride was awesome and the best! The revenge of the mummy, Waterworld, Shrek and others were great too!!! Planning to go there again but this time i'll surely get the express ticket.

LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENED actually but i'm not going to write it all. So nervous about the coming SPM's result day, please guys just stop mentioning it.

oh ya and him. him. so stupid. Okaybye.

Kicuuu Cak Aaaa

 Hi my pretty people! are you guys serious about reading this? Blehhh it's been months since my last update. Grr i am so sorry please dont blame me, blame the spm.

Hohoho but guys spm is so over. OVER. that's mean no more school babe. yeah baby no more school baby. kehkehkeh. 12 years with that kinda cute school uniform ohh i'll miss it! there's tooooooo many things i wanna story about but as you guys know me, the laziest and the cutest one, wont write it all.

First day of spm was okay, BM paper. guess what, my hand was all shaking as i woke up that morning, i dont know, i was scared maybe. mcm nk menikah dah aku ni. everything was okay but not chemistry. ahh please dont talk bout chemist. mcm frust menonggeng pun ado. apo salah eden pun tak tahu. tidur time kelas ka? double HUH. And for biology paper which was held on wednesday, last day of spm. haaa i felt so blessed! SPM habis je, aku rasa nk nangis. jadi minah jiwang pulak aku ni. not cool at all. then balik rumah, online, tidur.

during this hols i did nothing and that kinda feeling of 'will do nothing' is also there, nothing at all uu uu uuuuu nothing at all. imma be a forever loner at home. oh ya, SABDA i miss you already! muahh muah sikit la sabda? im getting so excited in here and i need a sleep and to dream those good things about life since i am now feeling so lifeless and hopeless, it's already 2.30 in the morning and tomorrow i got to work in the Sims. so childish but im still the perempuan melayu terakhir okay.

Byeeeee ;D