Kicuuu Cak Aaaa

 Hi my pretty people! are you guys serious about reading this? Blehhh it's been months since my last update. Grr i am so sorry please dont blame me, blame the spm.

Hohoho but guys spm is so over. OVER. that's mean no more school babe. yeah baby no more school baby. kehkehkeh. 12 years with that kinda cute school uniform ohh i'll miss it! there's tooooooo many things i wanna story about but as you guys know me, the laziest and the cutest one, wont write it all.

First day of spm was okay, BM paper. guess what, my hand was all shaking as i woke up that morning, i dont know, i was scared maybe. mcm nk menikah dah aku ni. everything was okay but not chemistry. ahh please dont talk bout chemist. mcm frust menonggeng pun ado. apo salah eden pun tak tahu. tidur time kelas ka? double HUH. And for biology paper which was held on wednesday, last day of spm. haaa i felt so blessed! SPM habis je, aku rasa nk nangis. jadi minah jiwang pulak aku ni. not cool at all. then balik rumah, online, tidur.

during this hols i did nothing and that kinda feeling of 'will do nothing' is also there, nothing at all uu uu uuuuu nothing at all. imma be a forever loner at home. oh ya, SABDA i miss you already! muahh muah sikit la sabda? im getting so excited in here and i need a sleep and to dream those good things about life since i am now feeling so lifeless and hopeless, it's already 2.30 in the morning and tomorrow i got to work in the Sims. so childish but im still the perempuan melayu terakhir okay.

Byeeeee ;D

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