Wow! Cant help myself i just cant believe i'm writing this. Okay it's been ages as always. call me a sluggish, cause i am. 

I'm updating this because someone ask me to make this alive since it's almost dead. Okay where to start? Hmmm oh i'm taking my driving class now. I already passed my QTI (Pre driving test) so my JPJ test will be on next week. My past driving classes went very well, my trainer is very funny! and i cant wait to have my own car as soon as i got my P!

My life's been quite good for me, i rarely went out but still enjoyed myself at home. I do miss school sometime, i miss my friends -_____- I am jobless because my parents didnt allow me to. It's okay, i was working on my sim since spm ended but not anymore in these past few weeks. 9gaging all the time.

I went to Universal Studio Singapore! Omg. the best place to have fun and the best place to line up waiting for our turn. Hehe. A lot of people and i saw so too many handsome guys. Aummm. Lol. Undeniably the Transformer ride was awesome and the best! The revenge of the mummy, Waterworld, Shrek and others were great too!!! Planning to go there again but this time i'll surely get the express ticket.

LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENED actually but i'm not going to write it all. So nervous about the coming SPM's result day, please guys just stop mentioning it.

oh ya and him. him. so stupid. Okaybye.

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Shafiera said...

ahehe ~
i think i'm knew it .. spe 'someone yg minta update blog ni'
hehe , okayy ar nii.
jgn lupe follow mine.