Guys, i am doing fine here at home. I've been neglecting this, but it's alright because i'm back! I know that no one gives a shit anyway. Hmm. My life after SPM is so not cool. Well, i spend too much time on the internet at home. 

Alhamdulillah for my SPM results. I'm so sorry ibu and abah for not getting straight A's this time. I know i didn't make my parents proud of me with this type of result. People around me were expecting straight A's from me like in my UPSR and PMR, but i did try my best for SPM. Ini saja yang saya mampu. Ampuni saya pak.

(A+) Bahasa Melayu
(A)   Bahasa Inggeris, Sejarah, Agama Islam,
(A-) Mathematics 
(B+) Biology
(B)   Physics, Chemistry, Addmaths

So yeay me, no C! Only A and B. Not bad (Obama style). It's not like the end of the world right? Surprisingly i got B for Addmaths and B+ for Biology which i thought these two subjects will give me two Cs. And sadly to see B for physics. I'm proud to be a Sabdarians. 46 out of 157 students of form 5 year 2011 got straight A's. 6 students got straight A+. I love United Soul foghever. We are in Top 25 school in Malaysia. Wohoooo! Thanks to my family, friends and teachers. Everyone! *hugs*

I'm not done with UPU yet. I was thinking to take Diploma in Pharmacy. But it will take me like 7 years. So instead of it i'll choose Foundation in Science or Matriculation Programme. I hope i'll get foundation in science at UPM. But they don't offer degree in Pharmacy. Hmm. Anything would be okay for me actually i don't really care what course am i going to take. It's actually about my parents, i just want to make them proud of me. And it's not only about my education, i want to excel in both dunia akhirat.  That's all :) I keep this as a lesson for me. I'll surely do better next time. Insyaallah. 

Oh i passed my JPJ test yesterday! Alhamdulillah i am now halal to drive on the road. Hehe. And i'm waiting for my own car. Soon! Where are you my baby? Come to mama! 

I babble too much. That's it. Salam. 

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