So much to blog about but so little time, Ceh actually i have no mood to blog. I spend my days on tumblr. I had great times with hot guys, on my tumblr. Sad life. Hm how i wish i had a boyfriend who looks like Diego! Omg i really can't stand it. He's like the most handsome guy i've ever seen! I can talk about him all day with Nadia but she's so busy with her jack harrer and *music please* He's gay! Okay enough with them let's talk about something else.

My old schoolmate, Yuzaimi is married now! She's eighteen and now i feel old. I almost cried tsk tsk. Sensitip pulak aku. Met my old friends from SKBJ and SMKBJ. It's been years! I love them so much they're so pretty! Even prettier than me :( Hahaha. Here the photos of us. The next day went to PWTC with my gayfriends. Dah bosan sangat so we went to the shoes fest, here we saw a guy walking alone yang sumpah macam mario maurer. Nothing much we did there, then to the Times Square. Stupid Sunday omg we were like idiots seriously. No karaoke, bowling, movie and the worst part is Nadia lost her phone! Dafuq weh. Anyway they're the best pole dancers eva you guys should see they dance like crazy shits.

I'm getting my own car soon! Can't wait to spend time with them again! :*

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