I look even sweeter in pink than ever isnt it? har har har.

I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm pretty sure nobody in the world will read this. except me, once in a while. itupun when I get terribly bored. here's what I've been doing the whole week: eating, watching movies, facebooking, Tumblr-ing, eating some more hihi and spent time in front of the piano but did nothing. Well, I should have done with the A Comme Amour song but I only get to catch up the intro. what a lazy dumbass.

I decided to explore my homeworks last night. oh oh oh I did try to finish my bio scrapt book and I've done the first page of it hihi. those five karangan, haih not even one pun I have touched. I'll try to at least think of it. let's hope it will work out HAHAHA. By the way at this very moment, my only youngest sister is enjoying her time at SunwayLagoon with aunt. and I'll try not to be jealous. I'm gonna own that sunway somehow. haha. I'm hoping too much to go out next week.

Haaaaah, do you guys still remember about the kenduri post and the visit to my mom's bestfriend house who suffered from breast cancer tu? well, I bet you didnt. Sadly inform, arwah Pn. Azimah Ibrahim telah pulang ke rahmahtullah hari khamis lepas pukul 9 pagi. Al-Fatihah kepada arwah and semoga arwah ditempatkan di tempat2 orang yg beriman. Amin, Salam Takziah kepada sanak-saudara arwah yg terdekat juga. It's so sad thinking of her kids who are
still that small.

she's at the middle one. she will forever remain in heart,
a great mum of 3 kids and a bestfriend of mymom.

Malaysia versus tuttt. Go Malaysia! Bikin panas sama itu tuttt.

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