masa gila.

So last night was a blast. well, i'm gravely proud to be malaysian after all they've done. At first I wanted to wear my citrine jersey to show how high-spirited am I haha, but i just wore that jersey on saturday so, you know.

Three f goals babe. 3-0 kau nk cari kat mana? Haha. Yeah I was screaming like hantu kak limah balik rumah. oh mann, this is better than getting straight A's in PMR last year, literally. First goal I was like "yeahh serve you right Indon wohooo" and then i was so excited waiting for the next goal. another goal I was like "is this real? Yeayyy!" Well i'm not hoping for another goal but wohooo there's another goal! goodjob Malaysia. Wait, no goal for Indonesia? Oh okay hihi.

oh today's eppa birthday. Happy birthday dude. lawok gilo mlm td kito dok kecek kelate. saing mu pung gilo macey mu gok. haha. Segan gilo part ambo kecek kelate dgn saingmu. dio doh la pure kelate, bukay mcm mu, Kelate-wannabe haha. I've tried my best to speak in kelate but it turned out to be a disaster haha. Anyway thanks a lot lah, you've made my day.

I'm planning to out with my gayfriends this week but my cik minah anas went to Taiwan. Haishh. It's gonna be a boring week for me tralalalalala and datin su, i guess she's so busy with her dato' hahaha. and I saw something really nice in fb just now. wohooo I dont know whats wrong with you girl that you copied mine? but well i'm not going to mess up my last week at home with that little tiny problem, whatever you like. I'll meet you anyway by next week and i'm so gonna kick your ass out of there LOL I'm kidding, i'm not that mean. Enjoy your week girl muahhhh! haha.

Ada air terjun pulak dekat hidungku ni alahaiii haccooooom! and I'm hungry here, does anyone got any extra MCchicken or something cheesy? (is there any sound of feeling hungry?) errr krokk krokkk? Okay need to wake up early tomorrow because I got Addmath class aka my last tuition class for this holiday. so that's mean shool is going to start again soon. die lah then. Kthanksbye. Salam.

Mind yours or go die

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