Too fast darling,


Okay sorry guys, my camera's memory card got some sad problem and i cried like a baby just now. What a shame. okay it's actually more about going back to sabda ;'(

Not much left to say, Malaysia won! that night was another blast night. that indon tuh pun ternganga. Tuh la, kutuk lagi malaysia. aku dh ckp garuda kau tak kan ke mana. balik kampung makan sayur asem la babe haha. See, 4-2. puak indon tu pakai laser malaysia still won. kau nk ckp apa lagi? oh oh and where's your Julia Peghez with her laser bra whatever tuh? Mmg tak educated lah kau julia peghez menyampah betul aku. Haish kalau nk ckp pasal puak indon mmg sampai bila2 tak habis. Sorry to say lah, I mmg alah dgn Indon ni. sangat frust dgn sikap minah2 and mat2 indon tu. banyak lagi nk ckp tapi buat tambah dosa je.

Most of the girls are now addicted to that Khairul Fahmi Che Mat aka Apek. Oh demo, kelik kelate nnt kito jumpo deh? bawok sekali dgn gewe mu. HAHA. not saying that I'm crazy about him which is I am not. but I felt that he's kinda hot and sexy during the game. (mampuih I kalau gf dia baca ni) hihi. jkjk.

So I went to SKBJ just now, got Orientation for standard 1 next year. i followed my mom je, I tak ada adik darjah 1 pun. I woke up around six, hihi. and didnt go for my tuition class which is actually the actual last class.


and it's another 31st December. the day which i never thought would ever came this fast :( means that I'm going back to SABDA soon. and i hate it. i was trapped in SABDA for a year.

What's good about this year, i met great friends, genius, unique and weird people, nerds, religious, handsome guys, met sultan perak. Malaysia football team won. khairul fahmi. i've learned a lot. getting even BETTER when: i met a short big liar who loves to make fool of herself, i cried a lot, met a teacher who loves to yell at everyone. thanks a lot miss. I cried a lot. I missed people a lot. missed things a lot. regret-ed things a lot. being a loner at school. I talked less than last year. tak banyak gelak. I hate school. I hate hostel lifestyle. I eat a lot. gain weight.

I guess sabda was a mistake for me. or it's me who still couldn't face it. I'm hoping for a better day to come. It's my SPM year and I'll try not to be so negative about anything. It's not so bad kan compared to student form 1 yang got 4 years more to survive. but SABDA, please stop making me cry like a bitch. I'm not that strong. yeah i look so cool but the fact is i am not.

guess why am i still alive? haha. the reason is them:)


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