Baby I like it.

Natasha pakai shawl hooooooo =.=

Okay i just received my school's letter with my final year result in it. Homaooooo thank God my mom didn't say anything about my result (act she did say something) i got number 50 over 161 students of form 4 in Bagan Datoh Science School (BADASS) isnt it cool? 'badass' haha. Again, as i expected I failed my addmath. I did quite well in my physics and chemist. my Bio is just so-so. i got 49 marks only. It's not really bad kan? Haha. Well, I didnt study much for my exam (dont tell my dad haha) Congrats to my friends and Aisyahhhh you're going to enter the elite class next year so we wont be sitting together dah ;( so sad. Tuh lah aisyah pandai sangat. next year no more 4 Farghani and i'm gonna miss it. you guys are the main reason why I could surprisingly survive in there, I am always their Natalia. awwww sweet tak? ;P haha

And Najwa's going out today while im at home as usual. maybe Anas cant stay at my home since mymom is not in well condition so Anas im so sorryyy. dont worry ibu, I am not going anywhere anymore but SABDA,SABDA and SABDA. cant wait for that. kbai salam ;(

i'm a loner, don't talk to me.

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twinkle twinkle said...

tasya da cek rank dlm sbp?