burning hot lips

I was waiting for my dad like a stupid jerk outside the bistro just now. Argh whatever. I hate waiting for so long for gods sake! Note that my future boyfie. haha. Oh I got physic class today and haih carmen wasnt there. She went to Japan. =.= Bosan gila you tahu semalam and tadi. Dah lah lambat lagi you nk balik. so I sat with ching ling errrr sounds like chin ling haih i dont know ;P she's fun like you carmen. And last monday i went out. i met someone cute at the macbeth shop. damn you macbeth, im so going to meet him again next time, with anas. haha;) And yeah I can't lie that i'm now missing a Sabdarians Hehehe. believe me. and she's Aisyahhhh my bondaaaa. I miss your wild acts and your gay touches awww awww hahaha! ;D K bye salam.

Sumi gapa Mayday, dot dot dot dot dot, Mami apa Mayday, dot dot dot dot dot

fall for you, again.

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