Happy Birthday lil sis.

11th December and it's another awesome day. Happy Birthday Nur Hanis Shafiqah I love you muah muah Be a good girl like your along muahaha. Ibu and abah have given me permission to go out tomorrow. sure i'll buy you something. that day cik anggerek brought us to IOI mall for bowling. we're actually planning to go to redbox but since it was already Maghrib, not nice kan nk melalak. Hehe. Then played games and had papajohn for dinner. Najwa wasn't there to feel the glee cause she's one of the flower girls for somebody's wedding. Haih I don't know. Anyway thanks cik an and cik ha. Homework? don't ask.

I just got back from SMK Aminuddin Baki. Kbye. Salam.

i guess my life story is the best movie i've ever watched

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