Izi and Esha. and me. hehh.

Hey guys. i promise you this is going to be a short post,and it's me natasha who's stucked in SABDA for a week and more days to come. So form four students got in. I was actually wondering who's so lucky to be one of SABDA's student hihi. so here they are,really excited to see them, they are nice <3 HAHAHA. Okay i am now at CC Bagan Datoh and just now we just got chased by orang gila dekat CC. funny oh. tonight got BBQ;) So i kena balik awal hari ini,have to cook for this BBQ night. Oh i miss my family at home. I feel like wanna go home now and i want to cuci mata sekali haha so gatal. Okbye,SABDA's calling.

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teme said...

wah budak sabda???!! kenal cikgu zack??!! saya integomb...

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