Because i'm such a bonehead i have decided to waste my time and blog. it's the third last day of hols so sorry for the lack of updates, oh man I'm facing such a horrible week. hooooo so bad i won't make you suffer with the details. or I should call it CNY fever urghhh bang! shoot me.

So yesterday went to sri petaling to have dinner and i saw a f hot boy, Oh man he's so handsome i could dieeeee;) haha. my sis thought he was Sam lol. very funny b. I straight away sat near to him haha. but damn the waiter asked us to change the sits and huhh bye handsome boy =.= I am so gonna meet him again anyway, alah sri petaling dgn serdang dekat je hihi.

that's my sis, the most annoying human ever. lol very gedik my face

Errr najwa's birthday was on monday. happy belated birthday b. went to Low yatt to find her present. Hm, I haven't been going out much though, it will be a NO when it comes to go out with friends, so unlike some friends, I am not grounded, it's just errr my dad already warned me to just stay at home and study but well guys, see what i am doing now? i dont study at all sorry abah hihi.
first month of school was okay. but no hot guys,so pathetic right. haha. and the rules are like whatsoever. school ended at 5. that's not really a problem for me, I am okay with that, oh sadly said i didnt study a thing for my diagnostic test last week, I just did the test with full of craps. okay whatever the test was nothing for me though hihi. Let's wait for another exams to come wohooo ;)

and and and and. hmm. what else huh? i can't seem to think. blehhh. it's getting so bored in here. oh yeah! i don't want this CNY hols to end just yet. i haven't gotten enough fun! i'm fully not ready to face my awful physics and chemistry marks. it feels impossible for me to get my butt of KL and get back to Perak next week. very sad but well, that's life. HAHA.

I'm so fabulous, i'm so good for you

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