Dear Aslam, Hey. I'd never thought we're not going to see each other again, I mean like forever? ;(  No wonder you didnt contact me for like so long. and no wonder you didnt wish me on my sixteenth birthday. Your last misscall pun time school holiday bulan 6. but I didnt call you back, bodohnya rasa. I really wish you're still here,  you've been a cool friend of mine though we're not from the same school, Ya Allah As dah pergi lama and tasha baru tahu. Sedihnya,nobody on earth pun bg tahu I about this. Actually I was checking my contacts and I saw your name so I was thinking to just say Hi on FB. So I went and saw someone wrote: people still add him.i bet u guys didn't know he's already gone.hmmmmm. at that very moment i thought it's not you but well, Allah love you more. rindunyaa Encik Buyot. Anyway Aslam, Tasha tahun ni dah SPM. dah cukup besar kan ;') Tgh hari tadi tasha tidur and woke up hoping that this was just a dream ;( whatever it is I'll always pray for you. Al-Fatihah.

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