I am such a slacker, I didn't bring my homeworks back home because I know deep inside my brain i will not even touch one of it. yesterday went back to KL. what a releaseee fuhhhh. I love the smell of it. I got here by bus and straight away took a train to Serdang. then malas nk cerita, tomorrow i have to go back to school already. so sad kan.

School was not okay as i thought it would be, problems are everywhere. It's not about me, its about some people who are freaks. they really can't get a life. sudah. oh oh oh I am fatter than before and I like it <3 i gain almost 10 kg within a year. It's such a big number kan? blehhhh i dont want to be one of those skinny girls anymore because for me fat is cute. this is just a random viewpoint je.

hari apa entah dapat main badminton dgn org tu, hahahaha. i was planning to jimatkan that houseshirt since i am going back to kl but hm it's hard to get the chance to play with him hehh;) Oh he's just a crush of the week.

So have a good Sunday, Monday and whatever days. Salam.

  i'm tired of being ignored

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