Lame baby lame

Hey hotties. I am back and you should be glad that i am now updating my blog. It's school term break, well, i still got test after this break though. Huhh. The past week had been real nice to me. HKSBP (hari kecemerlangan sbp) was held in my school. wait, isnt it COOL? HAHA, but i didnt bring my camera. *mmg berani lah aku bawak. okay meaning that everyone didnt have to go to class, instead we got bengkel for spm blehhh. Boring but HKSBP was great. I met my romeo(s) during the games HAHA.

I did go somewhere this week:D So yeayyyy for me hahaa. I'm bored, my sisters are now enjoying their saturday at KL Tower with cik ha. While me, stuck in here with my folios have to be done. and facebook bikin perangai. Why lah? *I dont know, ask Mark ^%#$^berg,

Everywhere i go people will start talking about my cheek which i dont think it's cute anymore, haha. "woah tembam dah pipi tu" Okay I know that -.-

not that tembam righttt please say nooooo im begging you haha

I smiled the whole Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yeah i recently go out from some mental hospital LOL jkjk. there's someone who made my day with his only "Hi" using IM. I dont know why i feel like i'm flying in a dream iadmitthatilikehim. okay forget it. It's been actually two days since he last texted me. Well i dont care pun he's not even my boyf. Aik suddenly keluar lagu Tilu pulak dalam radio :')

I'm going back to SABDA tomorrow, Goshhh there's a lot of things to be done! I didnt study so i am really in a big problem now. *tuh la asyik berangan je kerja. p/s: it's saturday! so sunday comes afterwards isnt it? betul tak Rebecca Black? Blehhh ahahah.

I'm lame

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