Budak Wakaf.

yeah i am back with another pimple on my left cheek. hey those two weeks seem so hard for me. but it's okay, a week left and i'll be back for eid holiday hahhh i feel so blessed.

okay sangat kelakar bila i pakai telekung 'Wakaf SABDA' for two weeks since i left my telekung at home. tuh la benda penting boleh lupa, padan muka kau natasha. plus,puasa in SABDA wasn't bad at all.

my second sem test result is cool, I got 2A 4A- 2B and 1C. fine, the questions were quite simple but this is the only the only time i could show off my results since my old results sucks like 'jangan harap i nak cakap'. haha. i've been busy with librarian stuffs and folio-s. oh and also english debate! Gosh i did a stupid conclusion for the second motion 'Donald Duck Should Wear Pants' hahaha. another 3 debates, oh GREAT!

guys, studying lame subjects like Addmath and Physics can really get up your nerves. i bet you, and yeah school have been tough. i'm facing my final year examination on this October. oh please, i'm not fully prepared yet,i never will actually.

more pictures in my facebook. oh yeah i went to SKBJ just now, got majlis berbuka puasa. and guess what? no hot guys. adik perempuan kepada hot guy adalah.

i'll be back on this coming friday yawww. Salam.

Hard work never killed anybody


twinkle twinkle said...

ewaa mcm sedap nye korgnye mknn buke :D

Natasha Alia said...

heee biasa je mira ;D

shahizan said...

my mom said : sedapnyee mknn berbuka. -.-

ouch, nak jee bg diorg makan skali dekat sbelah :))