yesterday i experienced a very bad lie of the land. yeah you guys wont know how it feels to be in the crowded train with two male foreigners who enter the Ladies Couch, hey memang dasar budak aimless. orang suruh keluar dia tak nak. berdiri pulak sebelah aku. mmg panas hati betul. kalau handsome mcm Hero takpe lah jugak. as i went out i yelled "haihhhh nasib baik bulan ramadhan!" so that those two sesat guys know how suffer was I in that f poky train, (mcm lah mereka faham)

okay bawak mengucap and let it go natasha, I am still in my Ramadhan-mood.

Last week was an extreme week in school. a week with eleven subjects test. yeah my second sem test. and i wont get an A for my Physics, Chemistry and also PJK for sure. hahhh. i bet you. english debate? haha, funny me with my craps. nampak je mcm cool. i guess it will be my first and last. no more english debate. debat BM pun i tak pandai.

And my very first time berbuka puasa di Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh. aka sekolah baru ku yg aku sayangi. (okay another sin, i lied). to PPS BOYZ aka anonymous, thanks for the wish, though it's just a simple green note but i appreciate it. really i mean that. semangat i baca haha. okay kidding.

By the way. i just had Nasi Kerabu as my menu for berbuka puasa. sedap tak tipu. hehhhh ;DOkay then Salam, see you on this Nuzul-Quran holiday.

i love the way you look at me ;)

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