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guys, raya is already on its horizon and tomorrow night i'm going back to KB.

oh ya about the merdeka thingy, i haven't update anything about that since i was at school on that particular day. urgh felt so jealous with those who celebrated it at Stadium Bukit Jalil, i wish i was there too watching hot guys with my dear gayfriends.

my merdeka day was celebrated at the Sabda's Pavillion. apa kau ingat kau aje boleh sambut kat Pavi? kitorang pon sambut kat Pavi, tapi Pavi Sabda je. how sad is that ;( but i don't even give it a damn because i've never celebrated Merdeka before. i used to just stay at home and waited for the '12 o'clock' then i went back to sleep, I am so not a celebrate-er haha. anyway, Sambutan Merdeka at SABDA was cool! the coolest merdeka celebration i've ever been since i've never been to anywhere to celebrate it. that evening on the same day we got Majlis Khatam Al-Quran ;)

whatever it is, Happy Belated Merdeka. haha. Yeayyyyyyy I'm proud to be Malaysian and Malaysia's proud to be my country too ;D

talking about school, my parents went to school last friday for the Hari Interaksi and to bring me back to the origin hahh :D Hari Interaksi is sort of Hari Terbuka. it's Boring, it's actually TOO BORING. i was totally in the mood of raya and i bet everyone felt the same too. yeay balik rumah. ini baru Merdeka kan? hehh

more photos in in my facebook.

some friends of Najwa's came because yesterday got photographer from Berita Harian came to house for some photoshoots for the coming UPSR preparation, tapi muka I tak masuk pun, tak layak. grrrr haha. dah B along dah post gambar, puas hati?

my mom, sisters and i went to SCP just now. then my sis, najwa wanted to pee, so we went to the toilet like damn fast since she couldn't hold it anymore hahaha. okay then dia masuk dalam jamban. i dok luar je berangan kat cermin toillet. haha tiba2 i pandang kiri i and guess what did i see?


I jerit lah dgn tak malunya "Ni toilet perempuan ke lakiiiiii!!"
then Najwa yg dok dlm jamban tu jerit " Alongggggggggggg!"
hahahah WTH! i tak boleh tahan gelak, tergolek golek i haha. hahahaha tak boleh lupa ohh.

okay that's all from me for now. so i rest my case. any POI? haha, Salam.

laughing like nobody cares

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