Super Sixteen ♥

I wasn't going to say anything. but errrr

I'm officially sixteen today on 9th September 2010.
Alhamdulillah, sempat jugak sambut birthday yg ke-16.

so I really want to thank to those who wished me in so many ways whether it be through text, calls, Facebook, any other social webs or face to face :) Thank you guys, nak sebut nama satu2 sampai esok pun tak habis. So i'll just thank you randomly. and you guys most definitely made my day.

okay not to forget the most special person in my life, my mom. Thanks mom for everything. I know it must be hurt giving birth to me sixteen years ago. hehhh. and my dad. hahh. abah, i WANT my present ;D

These are what I ended up doing for my Birthday:
1. FB-ing.
2. Finishing my Folios.
3. Sleep.
4. Did some houseworks.
5. Sleep.

Eh korang semua, hadiah mana? haha

*okay went back to KB last night at about 3 o'clock. and guess when did we arrive at kampung? 1.30 PM! kira2 dlm 11 jam gitu. haha. but it's okay, i've used to it. Salam. Selamat Hari Raya btw.

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