another gayfriend's birthday.

Peahhhh, love you so much. Happy belated Birthday gayfriend! ;D

Nur Shafiah Manirah bt Ismail,

i don't even know how much i miss you. i miss to annoy you, i miss to hear your 'weyhhh', i miss to see your funny face, i miss our sweet fights, i miss to see when you are damn gelabah. and do you still remember when you cried in the class? because of what huh? oh okay i get it, that phone thingy. haha ;D guess what shafiah, now i have no one to be bullied since we're moving to other schools. shaf, i am sorry for everything i have done. i know i've been your gross gayfriend ever hehe ;D and wehhh, susah nk cari kawan yg jujur gila mcm kau ;(

*nk tergelak aku bila teringat time aku tanya kau before pindah,

"wehh ape bnde yg kau akan rindu pasal aku? jerawat aku ke?"
"errrr kelembutan kau,"
ROFL! takkan ku lupa sampai mati haha.

anyway, i am still wishing the best for you and your future, don't you ever forget me or if you do i'll kick your sexy ass XD ehhh let's hang out some time okay! miss youuuuu ;)

being your gayfriend is one of the best thing that ever happened to me ;D

sweet tak aku? hwawa.

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