see, i'm smiling ;D

 gigi kena gempa bumi XD

wohooooo! my blog has like went dead. sorry for not updating. I've just been so sluggish. but what ever it is, it's the time to blog everything into one big mama post before anything bad happen to my blog hehh.

okay where to babble? back from SABDA last friday. by a cheesy bus! argh. reached kl central and having vanilla cream at starbucks with kecik, irfan and amiry. miss them and that vanilla cream yawww. kecik and irfan accompanied me until my dad picked me up. thanks guys. and then had a dinner with family. yeah finally I'M HOME! happy as hell! XD

I've got loads to blog. i'll try to make it short. but most of all, i miss my lappy, my phone, my bed, my piano, and my camera. poor them, at home waiting for me. the owner to come back. haha. anyway,  those past two weeks have been pretty clutter with exams, prefect's interview, sukantara. and not to forget there's one night i cried for about 2 hours! huhh soooo malu. do not ask me why. hehe. yeah I've tried my best to blend with the people and everything. thank god i have aisyah and kecik ;) homeworks? malas nk cakap. 

lalat lalat lalat lalat lalat woooo! let's make it out! wkakakaka XD 

yesterday i went out. went for a movie, the edge of darkness. other than that, just pointless walks. nothing fun to be talked about, yeah i enjoyed my day. and thanks to those who have ruined my day. i have to say that you are so great on that! LOVE you lah sayang!

TAHNIAH anda berjaya! wohoooo! SILA buat lagi. XD

miss my gayfriends and my pornstarssss! Anastassia, Shafiah, Suraya, Nadia. Aisyah and Kecik penjual kismis hehehe. ade spe2 nk beli kismis? wkakaka ;)  i adore you guys.

you are my new reason why I'm smiling

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