guess who's back?

yeahh the new spectacle girl is back. nerdy ever.

are you guys excited to see me again? heeeee. im home and i love the feel when im at home. i reached KL by bus. the bus stopped by at kl central. straight away called my mom and him. but his brother picked it up, oh gosh. he knew me! cik ha waited for me at the McD. went to her house by taxi. at about 9 we went back bukit serdang. my bag was full of dirty clothes X)

school was okay. everything was okay but not my ____ teacher. the moment she went into class, everyone (i guess) will be like huhhhhhh. dot dot. i feel like going to fail that sub. aisyah siap makan honey star lagi when the teacher was teaching in front of class. wooo. just imagine! haha. and i found someone who looks like Farhan,heee. haiz nk ckp pasal skola sampai esok pon x abes. anyway, my exam will start on next week. i havent study a thing yet. my mind keeps forcing me to surf the internet, facebook-ing and whatsoever. grrrr.

just now i almost fainted. masa solat zohor, time rukuk suddenly i missed my step. and i fall down. it feels like earthquake. my house was like spinning all around me. everything was moving, i couldnt get up for a few minutes. Alhamdulillah i am fine now, my brain nerves are now back to normal. yeayy! heeee ;D

by the way, Salam Maulidur Rasul ;)
Wishing you guys a better life with prosperity. Amin.

attack the life, or it will kill you


irfan bass haziq said...
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Farhana Arriffin said...

i guess the new chemistry teacher rite ?

Amir ! said...

hm, you class ape kat sabda ?

Natasha Alia said...

Farghani. why amir?

Amir ! said...

oh kwn i biruni. :D

Natasha Alia said...

name dye ape?