through my mind.

"Cik an! Cik An!" panggggg! langgar dinding. arghhh. padan muke. lari la lagi ye XD

so that's what happened when i was on my way to cik an. running. haha. i still couldnt handle it. i mean with my spec. i've got some problem with that one. argh maybe still 'baru'.


okay. my mom brought me to jalan tunku abdul rahman last friday. bought my asrama stuffs. thanks ibu. and last thursday i did go somewhere. the shop in front of my house. heee. ikmal was registered in his new school on last wednesday. i am so going to miss him ahaha. bluekss. on the same night A asked me about me and him.. huh? euuu. sorry la A. we're just like bro and sis. no 'LOVE game' between us please. you are too hot and caring to be my boyfie. errr. i bet you guys not to read that XD

someone is messing up with my aunt. and i totally hate that woman. blablabla. ehh just shut the f up woman!

hm, argh im going back to SABDA this afternoon. i didn't pack all my stuffs yet. and i've got homeworks that i haven't done yet, i'll finish it up on this prep night.

GOODBYE guys, salam ;)

life's always like that

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