bila SABDAku menyeru.

i'm favoring my new school, Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh. yes i do. and do you want to know why? even if you dont, i am still telling you guys. LOL.

    Amber. Amethyst.      Citrine.     Emerald.  Ruby. Turqouise.    
Battani. Biruni.   Farghani.    Jazari. Haitam      

Citrine's always be the Superlative. BPO8's the Bomb! Farghani Rocks! and that's the reason i'm loving this school ;)

okayy back to my FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. it was just a boring day with my uniform stuck on my body almost the whole day. ohh mannn. actually there's some of the students that i found quite weird and quaint. oh no, not going to tell you why or i will be labelled as minah perah santan XD

i had a pretty much fun Orientation at school until like what, a week? i was so enthusiastic and well, still fresh and white! hehe. it took some time to remember my new schoolmate's names. but at last, i could only remember some of them out of 150++ students of form 4. and thank God i have a lot of friends there. i thought i was going to be a loner heeee ;)

my group performed a teater on Malam 1 Malaysia. i hate acting plus im so not good in acting even i've tried my best but semangat Citrine punye psal i'd do anything, guess what, i was one of the gadis2 melayu tuh. wkaka. my brain just couldnt accept what i've done to myself. anyway,who are success?! CITRINE!

LARIAN SABDA. what a tiring day ever. i need to run or jog about more than 6 KM. normally if i had merentas desa x sampai 4 KM pon. grrrr. just imagine me with sweats around my face. *_* i get number errrr hmmmm. 65. haha. ehhh 65 out of hundreds of girls okayyy. hehe. still can be proud of right?

4 Al-Farghani. ketua Faiez. penolong Izzah. setiausaha sape ek? ehem3. wkakaka. the teachers quite okay la. but i still miss my former teachers ;( i also have a 'mom' there. hahaha XD  Netball, Badminton, Coir, Nasyid and blablablabla. tamak gle natasha. ekekekeke.

heyyy im done with that. these are the pictures, Salam.

sekolah. credit to cijan.
Asrama. credit to ana.

Class. credit to cijan.

parents ;D

there are times when you just learn to accept things