it started with an U.

Uwaaaa! it has been like 2 weeks since my last post before that CNY. i am so lost in action haha.

MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IN SMKBJ. it racks me every time i think of it. just want to let it fade in mind but in reality i couldnt even forget my makcik2 kantin. grrrr. my last day was FUN but it became woesome when i accidentaly deleted all the pictures in my camera. arghh what a dumb-est thing ever! so guys, i have no pictures of my last day. it will just remains in my heart and my big big brain haha. and this one, i mean down there is just the only one picture i have. selamat satu because this horrible face pic was in my phone ;D satu pon satu je la kn.

buruk, tp nie je la yg sye mampu. yg laen sume xde suda. wkaka,

heyyy heyy my hot BIRTHDAY GIRLS :)

23th January   : Ain Hafeeza Feetrynaa
30th January   : Shawaltul Najwa
31th January   : Szarra Izzatie
3rd February   : Nur Farah Asyikin
11th February : Yasmeen Najwa

happy birthday, semoga panjang umur murah rezeki. and success selalu. anyone else? tell me okayyy. my brain is not in a good fettle to remember all. and sorry guys for the simple wishes. i wish i could buy a big spongebob to you guys ;)

Happy Belated Birthday,

you guys.    

Salam. im on my way to update about SABDA ;D

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