the line grew short.

I know i seriously need to update more. but i can't. i am going back to SABDA tomorrow ;(  yeah it's sad. SO sad. so sad so sad. lalalala. i haven't packed a thing yet. errrr.

the school holidays are moving fast this week. TOO FAST if you ask me. i would love to have more time with family and friends. uwaaaa! ;( generally i've been hanging around the house either sleeping, surfing the internet, eating or playing piano. yeah boring.

oh ya, i went shopping with ibu last thursday. bought her new black suit, and my asrama stuffs. actually most of it are the foods (the main thing in hostel, jgn harap nk mkn kat dm je. heheh). had lunch at mcd, then went back as it was already 5 pm.

so last friday wohoooo! went to Mid with Suraya and Diana. watched Alice in The Wonderland. huhhh at last. had Mcd as my lunch again. arghhh. yeah i found some cute cardigans and i bought one. haha. jalan2. bought some cookies. Irfan called me when i was at the surau and told me that he was on his way to mid. Haziq was already there, so i met Haziq and waited for Irfan. thanks guys for the bowling game and drinks. blablablabla. EAT again. haha. then time balek i bought another breads. EAT? yeah again. hahaha i guess i am addicted to food. i know i am getting FAT and BIG as the days pass. but i don't even mind that because fat is cute ;D


Today was a fairy tale, you were the prince I used to be a damsel in distress
i should change it to this: yesterday night was not a fairy tail. and 'that' thing was not the prince. haha.

i was on the phone with A. and suddenly i heard 'something' yelled at him. dia mencarut kat bnde tuh "Setan la ko blablablabla"

me: who was that? mcm pelik je bunyi
A: setan lahh
me: huh? ur brother?
A: setannnnnn
me: x baek panggil org setan.
A: dah mmg setan nk panggil ape lg
me: are you serioussssss? OMG OMG OMG!
tutttttt. censored. haha.

blablablabla. i cried! haha. dia pujuk sampai abes kredit tuh. aduhh. sorry. susahkan je. Irfan pon call until i went to bed. thanks guys.

AS I AM WRITING THIS, MY HOUSE IS IN TOTALLY DARK LIE OF THE LAND. i mean blackout understand? haha. i tulis nie sambil peluh2 mcm buat sauna free XD wkaka. huhhh. oh yeahhh! i'm in love with Iwan af8. wohooooo! yeah i watched AF. so what. haha. btw, i did a video of me playing the winter sonata, but only the intro. hehe. check this out:

Winter Sonata Intro Piano by me!

okay guys i bet this is my last post until my return. ergh i can't wait for that 'return' hehe ;D Salam.

do not tell me how i feel

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