I've got a key to the door

*no more texting soon argh

Salam. hey guys. doing good? grrr. sorry for not posting for more than a week. i just have no time to blog. or i can fess up that i was so sluggish. i have so many things to be written out. so many stories to be told and blablabla.

starting with the SBP. yeah i get into Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh, Perak. Perak? arghh jadi org perak la i nnt. hehh. i'll be off to that school on this coming monday. not this monday but another monday. ahhh susah, the registration will be on the second feb. so good bye SMKBJ. hye hye SABDA. grrrrr. i feel so bad about this sometimes. there's time when i feel so racy but hmmm dont know lahh. kene tggu dan lihat dulu. and kalau i jumpa my mr right you guys will be informed asap hwawa XD

4 Bestari is awesome. i'll miss my classmates and teachers a lot. im loving Bio and Addmath haha. Physics and Chem x payah ckp la. because everytime we're in the lab, nazmeen will bother and talk craps until i couldnt even understand a thing. grrr. he always distracts my attention in class. but fine, i dont mind that. kita kan kawan. hwawa.

and today i didnt go to school. tak nak bwat exam. haha. no lah. ive been asked to stay with my eeka at home and i'll go for medical check up after my mom got back home. my usb wire have went to the bad again. kali ini mcm x akan kembali lg da. haha. ergh. so guys i couldnt put any picture into my blog. my camera plak tak ade picture sgt. so boring.

go to go now, Salam.

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. a i n u l . said...

SABDA ? dekatttttt sgt with my hometown . sekolah tu baru lagi tau .
baru buka tahun lepas kalau tak silap . ngee~