light headed

"Cepat2! cikgu nk 3 org pngawas perempuan!"

i was there. so i followed the teacher with my blurr face as usual. "YA ALLAH cikgu!" i was so flabbergasted, i saw a girl was lying down on the floor. arghh. x cukup lagi. i went near her and looked at her hand. menggeletar tangan i. her left hand was out of the ordinary broke. i havent see that bad hand injury before in my whole life. with my fluttery hand i helped her. pity her. i hope she'll be fine and get her hand back to normal. oh ya this happened on yesterday.

and today HAHA. one word, Googlies! i met my abg bru at the stairs and we started to sing Kuch Kuch Ho Ta Hai wkakakaka XD mannn, he's so saucy! his smile! argh. i just cant get rid of his smile in my groggy head. ahh forget it. *btw im sorry awk. awk baek gle ngn sye. but hmmm. (meluah perasaan) XD

school was fun. talked a lot. especially about omelet. wth! im loving my science stream's subjects though it's so supreme hard. grrrrr. *science situ sana sini haha.

i burned my face! why? panjang cerita, tomorrow i'll go to school with my red bomb face, it's still flare up, you can touch it if you want. haha.

gosh! i just fell off just now. my left ankle is in pain. ibuuuu! haha. bbye. Salam.

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