rumah terbakar panggil bomba

yess rumah terbakar panggil bomba, i selesema i panggil tissue dtg sini mari.

wkakaka before having that terrible flu.

errrr. haaaa haaaa haaaa cummmm! argh! yeah that's my flu. serious mcm tutt. asyik meleleh je hwawa. yucks. haha. btw i look like a newborn babies with their salivary went out from their snuffers. oh no! Premiere tissues jadi kaye hari nie sbb i XD

not going to school tomorrow. p/s ; my flu has nothing to do with it. and today's school was kinda fine but not me. i was so not in a good mood because of my flu. *so what kan? like who cares if im going to school or not, huhh

yeah last weekend i went out to buy my asrama stuffs. haha. i swear to god that my future dorm mates will ask "apahal ko girly sgt nie weh?" hwawa.

* suddenly im thinking of wearing braces.
before im off to my long lasting bed,

guys im so sorry. i didnt notice your request. i can straight away give you the codes. add me on myspace :

luahan perasaan jiwang: td sedih plak bile dgr abah ckp abah x nak bonny lg da ;( argh bonny my syg i'll miss u though you're so smelly. haha. seriously i want no more cat. grrrr.

got to go. *ayat same je dari dulu. wkaka. Salam.

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