i want no ending.

Salam guys, 01/01/10 already huh. i still feel like im in 2009 year ;) first day of 2010, i went to KLCC with anas, shafiah and her sister. we had fantastic time together.

didnt waste so much time because we were quite late. i can say it's tardy, straight away to TGV and bought our tickets first then had lunch. watched Cirque du Freak:The Vampire Assistant. omg, that boy huhh what his name ahh alaa, he is such a babe! the guy who's selling the popcorns was also double hotty. A--- XD

then guess where did we go? Petrosains! haha. yeahh, it was awesome! ive been there last year but its fine to be there again because its worth it. then blablablabla. im so unmotivated to type more than that. yeah im a sloth. so what. haha ;D

and it was my last day with anas before leaving to Surabaya this Sunday. argh, i was crying like a lot on that night. i feel so depressed ;( i dont want her to leave. *tears running down

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