2010, here i am,

haha. yeahh. it looks quite familiar last year XD *mls nk cari pic baru

Salam. I just wanted to take this quick opportunity to wish Happy New Year for 2010. 2010 already huh? wahh. time's running so fast. tup tap tup tap papp! 2010! wohooo! last year, at this moment, i was in flight, flying to Seoul. haha. oh my, how much i miss that moment! aduhh. i wish i had a doraemon to take me there back. arghh crapss!

how was my 2009? i didnt actually enjoy my 2009 year because of my PMR. hahh. it was just okay until it came to 24th December! haha LOVE it! Alhamdulillah ;) hope to see more positive things in this year. i am running out of words in 2009 year. i am looking forward to have a great 2010,

im wishing you a
magnificient, wonderful, delightful,
and glorious
Happy New Year.

hahaha. love yaaa!

Happy New Year, 2010.

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