dont let it fade,

Sorry guys for not posting the past few days. i was just quite lazy to blog. recently i've been spending a lot of time with my family. i know i'm being so procrastinate right now ;D

meniti hari-hari terakhir 2009.

24th December : took my PMR results, it's just like a dream. celebrated it. yaww!
25th December : went to no where.
26th December : Giant kinrara. bought my cuzzie's stuff.
27th December : UITM. congrats Along Aina. registered for her master ;D
28th December : went out. Pav and TS. watched Zombieland. haha. F***king crazy.
29th December : Carrefour. taking my new ic. LOL. i couldnt see my nose. the picture's too dark.

im just feeling very bad about next year. without Anas and Nadia. guys know what, i have no mood to be in school next year, yeahh you guys will see my 'blurr' face everyday in school. i'll be a loner. no no, a Cool Loner. haha XD

okay guys, i got some pictures of mine and my happy big family. haha. since i didn't post anything about that. so i'll just show you the pictures. let those pictures perform the babble. hahh.

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