hahah. you are totally mine now Miss Ixus XD
baby dont cry lalalala haha

mymom brought me to sogo yesterday to buy her handbags. and also my new canon ixus 110. mp4 player for my b najwa. and *something like Vgames ( idk what is that) for my ieka. before that we went to sg besi lunch-ing. haha thankss ibu i love youu hehe ;D

it's the day

she loves purple color. haha, today is 3rd Jan. and its her birthday. my aunt, Miss Mutia Aggerek Jusoh. yg ke 2_ hahah. biarlah rahsia. yeahh wishing you all the greatest in life. and be happy with everyone especially with me! lovee ya!

i got a present from my home tuition teacher, Mr Raja just now. he came home. he just got back from India. i wish i could be one of his students for this year but no. he doesnt teach form4 and 5.

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Anggerek said...

thank you dear...love u