it goes and comes

smk bukit jalil yg tercinta tumpuan kasih dan sanjungan semua

dont you guys think that school is such a wonderful place? haha. tomorrow is the day. the day when i need to wake up early in the morning and go to school with my sleepy head arghhh.

hopefully it's going to be fun being a form 4 student. im wondering what class am i going to enter and who'll be my classmates.

yeahh actually i am not good to go yet. im so not prepared. i lost my pencil case and all the stuffs in there. ahh. i didn't even write my name on my new fresh books yet (i can still smell the trees) hwawa.

i have only 30 % mood to go to school. such an improvements. yesterday 5 % only lol. oh my, how much i miss my teachers and friends. and da lame x kaco makcik2 kantin yg comel2 belaka hahaha. rindu mihun soup kantin jugak heheh.

kepada teachers, friends, makcik kantin, and semua staf sekolah yg dikasihi, nantikanlah kehadiran seorang pengawas yg sengal bernama Natasha Alia Sahazali niee dgn album terbarunya :

SCHOOL! *fainted.

wkakaka XD
im totally off to bed now. salam ;D

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