there'll always be joy and pain

banjir wooo.
yeahh that's my aunt on/at the left. hahhh

more pictures soon. *xtaw bile pictures boleh sampai X)

tuttt. topic changed again.

all the pictures (accident) are not belong to me ;)

it's quite scary looking at those pictures right? since my kampung is in KB so i posted this. i've been here before (KB Mall) arghh and i think i'm not going to go there again. heee.

yesterday my sis showed us (me and ibu) one of those picture and i thought it has been edited or what. until i saw it on Buletin Utama i was like "Ya Allah, mcm x percaya je," *rse insaf plak. Al-Fatihah buat mereka yg terkorban ;')

"Di mana saja kamu berada, kematian akan mendapatkan kamu,
kendatipun kamu di dalam benteng yang tinggi lagi kokoh,..." (An Nisaa':78)

so guys, you can die at anywhere,anytime. hwawa
maybe after a few hours from now?
ganas la plak ayat nie.
i'll change it ye

ingatlah, kita manusia nie boleh diambil nyawa bila2 masa sahaja ;')


cinta lea ixora said...

ngeri sggh eksiden tu

Natasha Alia said...

yeah. ksian kn. aduhh. anything can happen.