gayfriend's birthday

8th December 1994 - 8th December 2009 ;)
8th December 1994 - don't know when

Happy birthday yeahh.
i love you Anastassia Isabella bt Othman.
always,forever,for eternity and blablabla ;D

she's my besteverfriend in the whole world.
she has been my girlfriend since i was nine years old.

we laugh together *always
we eat together *always
we sleep on the same bed *i love it haha
watch ___ together hwawa *skg da insaf da hwawa
fight arghh *not always hehh
cry together *lately ;')
mandi bersama? *haha yeah we've done that too
when we talked on the phone, argh sampai 2012 pon x rase nk letak ;D
byk lagi la.

oh yeah, she's moving to Indonesia next year.
nnt sape nk temankan sye kat skola?
sape yg sye nk call nnt?
spe yg nk dgr bebelan sye nnt?
sye nk bgtaw rahsia sye kat spe nnt?
spe nk jadi gayfriend sye nnt?

hmm im feeling so down when i start to think of it.
arghhh! hahhh.

Birthday Girl's Blog

people, if you hurt her once, i'll hurt you 99999999999999999 times!

may Allah bless you always ;)

everyone connects ;)

guys, i bet you have watched that bunkface commercial, i mean the TM commercial. argh Sam! he's so cute in there! i just saw it on TV just now and i feel like want to watch it 100 times. bersemangat bile tgk benda nie. and there's a teenagegirl who sang along with Sam. Arghhh what a lucky girl! okay let me show you : haha


Aidi-Safuan said...

uiks...nape tulis nih?

"8th December 1994 - 8th December 2009"

macam lain jer maksudnyer

Natasha Alia said...

haha. a'ah kn, aduhh nnt ceq tukar hahah x tahan XD

Lm10-Lionel Messi fan said...

happy birthday!