Siti ckp 'Percayalah...'

today, i just stay at home, nothing much happened. what a boring day for me X( My head arghh! actually my head okay je. hwawa. oh ya i opened my mail after like a week i didn't open it. Ya Allah, 1309 unread mails. hahaha. but almost of the mails are from Facebook la, My Space la. aduhh. bosan. i thought from my fans ke ape ke. hahahaha.

my currently post nie hmmm maybe you guys have seen it before. yeah yeah *malu. hehh. but they are really heart-pulling (menarik hati) wkaka. *kepala otak sye heart pulling.

check this out guys!

yummy yummy! wanna have those ice creams? please call an ambulance before you do. guess what? these are all SOAPS! a.k.a SABUN. haha. mandi sambil makan, baru ada style. and please keep it away from childrens yeahh ;D

and these things, i mean yg kat bawah nie. baru la boleh di masukkan dalam perot because those are just some yummy cakes wahhh!

you guys don't believe it?
believe it! wkaka ;D
*bak kata Dean George Tanaka. (host of Ripleys believe it or not)

da ckp pasal Dean George nie kan, da lama dye x call i taw *heartbroken.

hwawa. yeah yg tuh 'believe it' la sgt! wkaka.

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oranglidi said...

wah!!! best wo aeskem,

dean george slalu gak miskol wa. heehheheehe.