Pn. Low, saya dah kaya

monday ;( i hate monday. went to school, today was the last day Pn. Low mengajar di skola i. tomorrow is her birthday. and dye da bersara. guess who's the next pk hem? haha sshhh secret ;P

i have no pictures of 'persaraan pn. Low'. still waiting for anyone to derma the pictures haha ;)

after that me,anas,shaf,nad and naim played jutaria like hell. haha. and for the first time we've got a winner of the game. and naim was the winner. bangga gila dye ;P

tgk tgk. tanah naim tuhhhh haha byk gle

wth X)

with the winner bluekss

lepas tuh naim ngn sye lawan maen dam.

he won again arghh! hahh.

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