yeah yesterday (3th November) opsss. i mean (3rd November) sorry guys i typed that wrong. hehh. i went to karangkaf at shah alam. i had so much fun there. hmm, i'm thinking about being an editor or a model haha. model? dalam mimpi boleh laa. i had my breakfast there and i ate a lot. a lot.

firstly we went to the editor area hehh and abg 'x ingat nme' sorry. he explained about the karangkraf thingy. after that he brought us to bahagian grafik. hehe, haaa, yg ini best. one of the teacher asked the man who was ediditing a picture of a hot guy hahaha wah panjangnye. she asked whether she can be a model for dara.com magazine or nur. and the man said "cikgu nie dara kee.....nur?" hahaha and was like "huhh? wth! i thought he wanted to say tuttt" hahah. then suddenly he said to me "haaa,yg nie boleh la msok dara.com" LOL for sure laaa, im still virgin okayy hwawawa ;PP

after that we went to the tempat proses (kilang) of the magazines. lastly we all kluar tup tup i heard some girls whispered to each other "weh abg hnsem abg hnsem" "hnsem gleee" "arghh" haha. ape lg. i pon mencari cari la gerangan abg tuh. "OMG! hnsem gle #^%$^%!!" hahaa. then i bought 3 magazines, dpt la discount 15% haha.

these are some pics of me and friends. enjoyyyy ;P

we all pon balek dgn hati yg gembiraaa. LOL btw abg tuh hnsem gle taw tak haha. i loveee youu ahahaa X))

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