lesson ;)

went to school, talking and talking. nothing much to do. some students went to kl tower. mcm best gle pegy sne heee. tomorrow anas and nadia are going to be at my house. and this saturday we're going out. heheh. can't wait for that ;)))

tomorrow i'm going to school. argh im so tired lohh ehheh.

oh ya, nadiah im sorry if my friends and i hurt your feelings. honestly we all just suke2 je. we all mmg suke bergurau lebih2 hehh ;) bitch for us means "hot girls", tomorrow if ade masa sye and my friends akan jumpa awk and mintak maaf taw. hehh. bcause i dont want you think we are mean to you. lastly,"kami berjanji tidak akan bergurau lebih2 lagi" hehe. mmg kene pengajaran lah kali ini ;)


xoxo said...
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aFdSmKaD said...

nk mUnth i bCe yg prgrph laz2 tuhh