watcha say?

anas and nadia are at my house right now. one of them has lost her mood since just now. hahaha. relax laa. next time boleh ajak dye kluar lg. hehh. and i cant wait for tomorrow ;) i'm going out, at last. Alan told me that he will be at bukit jalil tomorrow because he got tournament ape ntah. maybe i'll meet him. fuhh it has been so long since i last met him. last skali we all jumpe pon time standard 1. so kiralah da bpe lame we all x jumpa, miss him so badly.

just now went to school, said sorry to nad and sleep. msok2 je dewan teros pegy kat nad mintak ampun sbb takot dye salah fhm. hehhh. then just stayed in that damn boring dewan. this monday got lawatan to chocolate factory and yakult factory, adoyy mcm malas la plak nk pegy. i choosed that lawatan bcause i wanted to go to Astro at first but suddenly Astro? cancelled. (act jealous x dpt pegy kl tower) hahaha.

im off to bed now, hehehe. tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow ;))

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