they didnt know the truth

sunday. pg2 lg da ade org tuh kat dpan umah dgn menaiki kereta ape ntah yg bwarne hitam, haha. my aunt brought me to saloon and care4. yesterday (saturday) went to buy new jeans and a shirt. da lama i x beli jeans.

hm i know some students in my school thought that i am Adie's gf. some said i'm adie's scandal and so on. like WTH? hah now you all sendiri can see who's actually his gf lol. i have nothing to say about it. seriously i have no more feeling towards him so don't worry people. he's still one of my abg hnsem but we're not going to be 'rapat' like we used to. haha. honestly la, i hate when people pandang laen mcm je kat skola. so please stop staring at me like nk makan org okay. i have feelings too. and i just want to let you know that there was nothing between us and there'll be nothing between us.

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