hari sekolah

i went to school as usual on tuesday, thursday and friday. wednesday? i didnt, because i felt lazy to go to school. hehe. yeah i masok drama sebabak and i get number 2 for that haha. we used "nashreeq" as the hero's name. haha. anas yg jadi nash. nadia jd rokiah and shafiah jadi nasha siew. haha. huh malas mao ckp byk.

these are our crazy photoshoots hwawa ;D
i love you all forever and ever.

i dont know why,but i just love this pic haha

my ugly face. ughh that is soo ugly mann haha

shafiah mcm ala kadar je. but still look cute

haha, anas couldnt make her ugly face.

shafiah khusyuk je ;P

nadia with her 'nk xnak' smile

actually im more into MU haha

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