my raya day.

salam. hey guys. this raya morning i woke up quite late. at about 10 something. it was just because my aunt went here. kalo x jgn harap la nk bangun. guess what, i slept damn late yesterday. 6.30 am. just imagine if my mom know that i slept at 6.30 am. my aunt brought her gorgeous Safiya and Mimi along. arghh they're soooo cute. ;D

after that my aunt brought me to JJ. my budget for this time just only RM__ . haha. i bought only 2 shirts and tuttt. hwawa. and something happened to me. i went to an emo store. act it's not emo but i named it as an emo store because the wall is painted with black and red color. i just love that!

anas,u must read this one.
location: emo store
character: me, abg hnsem (hnsem gle)

this thing happened when my tee was being processed by the guy. hoho. today is totally my lucky day. hahaha, he started to talk.....

handsome guy: blablablabla (act i have no idea what the hell is he talking to me about)
me : ha?
handsome guy: blablablabla (he still repeat the same thing and i still dont understand him)
me: ha? ha? ha? * blurrr
handsome guy: selamat hari raya lahh.
me: ohh hehh. yeah yeah. slamat hari raya

kononnye x nk layan but since dye tgh proses baju i tuh so teman la dye borak cket2. hampehhh. haha.

handsome guy: raya kat mne? (while checking the price of the shirt)
me: kat sini.
handsome guy: x balek kg?
me: x. banjir. (mls ckp byk)
handsome guy: oh yeke, kg kat mne?
me: Kelate
handsome guy: ohh cek mek kelate la nie. blablabla.
me: ahaha yeah yeah. (da cair da time nie arghhh)
handsome guy: and i am from Sabah.
me: ohh. (ptotla hnsem gle ****)

i'm praying so that he'll stop talking and just give me the shirt. because i couldn't tahan my nafsu when i looked at him. hahah. and suddenly he called his friend arghh damn hot jugak and he said,

handsome guy: wehh dye nie cek mek kelate (and he laughed)
me: hahah (nk gelak jugak minah nie)
handsome friend: hahahah

WTH? and he stopped. selesai jugak proses tuh. haha. he gave back my tee and Alhamdulillah lega x payah tgk muke dye yg hnsem tuh lg hwawa. if anas was there we will be like 'arghhhhh' and i think we will just shut our mouth and watch the guy talking haha.

and after that we had our lunch+dinner= lunner there. my aunts and cousins shopping bagai nak rak. mmg raya korban la. bukan korban lembu but korban duit ;D

i am so happy. thanks cik an, cik ha, along and kak uti. i love youu guyss ;) you're always the best.

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Nadya^Cumil said...

ngee.. I LOVE YOU TOO la...