bitter day,

salam. sorry guys i haven't posted anything lately. it's just because i was totally not in mood of blogging. i don't know why. i really didn't feel like updating my blog. argh whatever. that's not important at all.

yeah and now i'm here and going to tell you guys about my day with aunts and cousins. i had so much fun. it has been like months since i last played bowling. haha. bowling? i'm in love with it!

haha i wasnt actually ready to be captured ;P

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tgk tuhh. i 'redrounded' my scores. haha. xpena aq dengar 'redrounded'.

and something happened to us. that was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me LOL. i couldn't explain how the accident went. but that was damn funny mann. i ketawa sampai saket gle perot XDD aduhhhh! gelak tergolek golek bile da msok dlm rumah wkakaka.


tuttttt. this is bad. really BAD.

i went upstairs and opened my ms.
my anas commented me:
weyh,ade brite sedih
bce blog kite

and i straight away went to anas's blog and read her latest post.
like hell i couldnt believe it!
i was like 'huh? biar btol nie? arghh'

my mom said: Allah mmg syg kat dye la tuh.
my mom mmg baek ngn family dye and
that boy was actually one of my mom's student when he was eleven.

Ya Allah, Kau tempatkanlah rohnya bersama sama org yg beriman. Kau tabahkanlah hati keluarganya untuk menerima dugaan pemergiannya. Semoga rohnya sentiasa dicucuri rahmat. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin ;')

azan Subuh sudah kedengaran, drama Natasha yang disiarkan di tv3 juga sudah tamat episodnya untuk kali ini. tetapi aku masih di sini dan tidak tidur2 lagi. dahsyat kan? hwawa. yeah im off to bed now guys. tc salam ;)

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