hate nobody,

haha this is my along aina,

hey guys, and girls. haha. i can't believe i am still in front of my laptop, myspacing and watching videos. ahaha. tomorrow i have school and i haven't iron my uniform yet. hoho. bibik! where are you? i miss my bibik lalalala.

i think i can't wake up so early tomorrow, even when i hear my alarm go on i'll keep on sleeping and if the alarm still bising lg, i'll turn it off and then go back to sleep. haha. i really feel lazy to go to school. even nk fikir pasal skola pon malas. i have no idea what am i going to do at school.

maybe i'll just play the 'billionair' game with my friends or talk about hot guys, maybe hehehe ;)

*about that tutt, just buang je la yg keruh and ambil yg jernih. anggap ini semua ujian drpd Allah. so bersabar je lah, sabar tuh kn separuh drpd iman ;) ccehhh. and one more thing, thanks to those yg byk membantu or support me even time susah or senang.

i'm still cool babes, and i will always be. HAHA

okay then, i should go to bed right now, goodnight ;)

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aFdSmKaD said...

mY piC???uuu..
i Noe u lUv meee..lalala..
oh mY kazeN..