boom boom clap ;)

went to school and tired of doing something yg i tak pandai : dancing. huh, dancing? could you imagine that? haha. i don't dance but i love to dance. not in front of the audience. omg, so how? this saturday i need to dance in front of the audience lohh.

just now we practiced the steps. guess who yg ajar we all the steps? Miss Nihayatul Diyana;) hehe, she's really good in dancing. and the song is 'hoedown throwdown' by miley cyrus. so fast kan that song but i'll try my best. so wish me luck, tomorrow we're going to practice it again. huuuu, so scaryyy;)


hannah said...

snang je..
biar hanna ajar..
dh pro dh

Haiqal said...

yg pasal lagu tue plak.. biaq ak yg nyanyi .... (mcm laa bleh nyanyi lgu punyer maen laju cam tue... =.=') :P