what i've missed?

sorry guys,it has been so long since I've updated this blog. i have no mood to blog. because of something. maybe you won't believe what i have done yesterday (24 October 2009) HAHA. actually i sendiri pon x percaya. i am so happy of course ;D

Friday (23th October)

my school bwat jamuan for all students. but my class bwat simple only because Ustaz Amir wasn't there. but i just dok ngn 'budak tuh' je. HAHA. xdela. ntahla. and this date is my tarikh bersejarah because ishfoiesurgnaseiugepiugnei. LOL.

guess who? ahaha, kurus mcm tiang

Saturday (24th October)

got jamuan pengawas at bb. and fyi, i didn't take part in any perfomance. yg laen, i just don't want to talk about it. but i love what i've been through the whole day. and i'll miss everything. HOHO,

was taken by blablabla

Sunday (25th October)

went out with aunts and cousins. i thought nk beli a dress or shirt for tomorrow but i didn't buy anything. tomorrow adalah hari konvo my cousin, Along Aina. congrats along ;) so i won't go to school tomorrow. huh, happy lohh but a lil bit sad. i'll miss someone for sure );

my funny plus tired face ;)


najwa said...

bdk yg mcm tiang tu muhammad ikmal abdul aziz.

Natasha Alia said...

yela xkn adi plak