my open house

hey i am back. huh, i think my battery is full enough to update something into my blog. okay, where to start? .

hm, today i got to know who is actually '.' in my cbox. and yeah, i have no idea what's her real problem. i am really sorry if i have done something wrong. so marilah kita beraman damai. HAHA. she's still cool btw

subject changed

like i have said in my previous post, i ade buat open house. and so many people came. including ketua polis sri kembangan, sepupu Sultan Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin fuhh and her wife an actress. OMG, he's so hot. HAHA, also my friends anas, nadia, syazwani and others. ikmal pon ada. mamat hensem tuh mmg kene ade ;P he came from n9. fuh, kebetulan pakai same color babes, HAHA ;P poyo je aq

my first guest was encik suharto and family. my last guest plak dimenangi oleh nadia and her family. she came at 10.30 p.m tuh ;)

thanks to those who came, ;)

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